Best Ideas for Your Video Marketing Strategy
Video Marketing

Best Ideas for Your Video Marketing Strategy

Why video marketing is so important and a list of the best video ideas you can create for your business's social media platforms.

One of the most effective ways for many businesses to reach out to their customers is through video marketing. A significant portion of your marketing strategy should include video formats in 2022 if you’re a business owner.

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In 2022, 94% of marketers said that a video strategy helped them increase the understanding of their product or service for customers. 86% of marketers confirm that a video marketing strategy helped them increase lead generation.

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What to do

When you have a blueprint to follow, finding the ideal video marketing suggestions for your company is simple and easy. The majority of companies have their own distinctive and particular video styles that work best, and you can use this guide to help you locate the ideal combination of video marketing content ideas for your particular needs.

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Here are the five best video marketing ideas you can adapt for your own business in order to generate leads and also grow your organic outreach.

1. Interactive videos with your audience

Interactive videos let viewers engage with the links and content presented throughout the video and can also provide live links that direct viewers to the pages you want them to visit. They can provide users of the video the option to do surveys, respond to questions, or even interact with special features of the video.

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78 % of customers expect brands to use social media to develop trusting relationships.

And customer loyalty is increased through investing in connections with customers, which has a direct impact on business revenue. More than half of consumers (57%) boost their spending with brands they feel connected to, and 76% choose them over competitors when making purchases.

2. TikTok type videos

It’s a must for your brand to have social media accounts across all networking platforms. Especially on TikTok, which is still one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, besides Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

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Videos that provide information in a humorous and interesting manner are frequently used these days for marketing purposes. TikTok is a prime example of a platform that does this by providing brief, helpful informational bursts.

As opposed to posting a straightforward advertisement on a social media platform, these kinds of videos can generate organic outreach and engage more users from all over the world.

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Pro tip: You can repurpose TikTok videos on other social media platforms as well. But be careful to not abuse this, to not make users feel cheated, or even bored. 

3. Educational videos

Consumers value companies that make an investment in them. They are more likely to invest in your brand if you are willing to take the time to demonstrate value. A wonderful way to invest in your customers so they will invest in you is to educate them about your industry and help them become informed consumers.

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Consumers can more easily connect with your products and services with the aid of tutorials and educational videos.

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4. Longer format videos

In these types of videos, you can demonstrate a lot about your brand. Instead of merely connecting with you to make a purchase, your customers will grow to love you and your business. For this type of video content, you should choose platforms that are dedicated to hosting longer format videos, like Youtube.

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Users will be used to watching longer videos, compared with platforms like TikTok and Instagram, where video length varies from 15-second up to 10 minutes on TikTok, and between 3 seconds and 60 minutes on Instagram (for some selected accounts). 

Longer videos will provide you with the opportunity to educate viewers, introduce them to your brand, and discuss concepts and advantages with them.

Pro tip: With the longer video format, you can do behind-the-scenes product releases, vlog-type videos, and tips for users to maximize your product utility.

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5. Live story videos

The best method to replace the energy of face-to-face contact is through live videos. They are sincere, instantaneous, and have the same feel as speaking with customers face-to-face.

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Any topic can become the subject of a live video. From a fast tutorial to the unwrapping of new merchandise that has just arrived at your store. Show your audience the process that directs your efforts to build meaningful relationships with customers who may not be familiar with your brand.

Our conclusion

Each brand has its own personality and sells its own products and services. The best way to choose your video strategy is to listen to your audience. Take a look at your overall audience and try to adapt your video strategy to what your audience prefers. On TikTok, your audience might prefer short educational videos and quick tutorials, like how to use your product, while on Youtube, they might enjoy more behind the scenes content about the creation process and vlogs.

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