Key steps to a successful video marketing campaign
Video Marketing

Key steps to a successful video marketing campaign

What are the key component that can make your video marketing strategy better? Here are some takeaways on building a successful video marketing campaign.

With the evolution of social media marketing, especially social media video marketing, we're no longer just confined to polished educational videos or TV-style advertisements. It's simpler than ever to dangle a toe in the world of video marketing thanks to the development of live streaming videos, a focus on brand authenticity, and easily available editing software.

What to do

There are numerous ways to employ video in social media marketing. Whenever starting a new social media project, goals need to be established.

#1. Set a goal for your video marketing campaign

Brand awareness is one example of a video marketing objective. Nowadays, videos are frequently employed in the advertisement of most brands. They might begin on a website product page before branching off to end up in a social media advertisement. Others solely make videos for social media advertisements.

According to HubSpot, video is the number one format marketers used in their content strategy in 2021, and the numbers are increasing significantly for 2022 and 2023.

#2. Choose your platforms

The platform you intend to run your ads on should be taken into account before beginning a video marketing campaign. Every social media platform has its own form of video that users are familiar with. While more recent sites like Snapchat and TikTok mainly favor one video format, older ones like Facebook offer a variety of video types. However, according to our research and statistics, TikTok videos tend to perform good on other platforms as well.

Statista predicted there will be 15 million UK TikTok users by 2025. Data shows that the average user opens the TikTok app 19 times per day. The app attracted one billion active users in September of 2021, enabling it to entertain its community across the world, according to Social Shepherd.

Start using video on platforms where you already have established audiences if you have never done so. Audiences on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat spend over half of their time on the network watching videos, according to Statista and data gathered in February 2019.

#3. Choose your video types wisely

Although not all videos are created equally, what matters most is that they serve your main objectives. A crucial component of your marketing plan is figuring out the kind of video that best represents your company and purpose, while also keeping in mind the platform ideal video format in order to make the ads feel native and authentic to its users.

Different video formats can be used for various reasons. A certain sort might suit your needs better than others depending on what you're attempting to market.

  • Educational - These are instructive and can raise brand awareness among potential new clients.
  • Interview - Is a fantastic approach to introducing a new influencer to your audience and the other way around. It might give your brand a little more authenticity.
  • Behind-the-scenes - They occasionally serve to amuse the audience or provide a fictitious glimpse behind the scenes, making the client feel more like a member of the family.
  • Entertainment - Although they only aim to amuse the audience, they may be an excellent approach to emphasize your brand voice and foster a sense of togetherness among your viewers.
  • Testimonials - These are videos demonstrating how customers use your goods or services and express their satisfaction with them. These videos give your brand social proof and have the appearance of being customer highlights.

#4. Analyze and understand the video performance

The most crucial step in any strategy is the analysis phase. If you don't look at the statistics related to a video, you won't know how well it performs. How many clicks did it generate? How many purchases did the ad generate? What is the number of views? What was the watch time? The comments, likes, and shares? It's crucial that you are aware of the various metrics that each network offers.

You can see how each video performed using the native analytics available on each platform. Your success measures should be in line with the initial goals you set. A compelling call-to-action (such as a website link so viewers can learn more about what you're marketing), is essential if you want your video to increase the conversions.

Our conclusion

Setting clear goals, choosing the right platforms & the right video formats and having a clear message results in a stronger connection between your brand and your target audience, which ultimately results in higher conversions and improved brand awareness.

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