Lessons After Spending 1M Ad Spend on TikTok
TikTok Ads

Lessons After Spending 1M Ad Spend on TikTok

Wondering how ads work on TikTok? Find out how to get started and what strategies work best for the viral social platform.

TikTok ad creatives best practices:
  1. Ads with a 21-34 seconds video duration have a 280% lift in conversion

Why this long? Because it’s the perfect amount to deliver the information in a concise way, while also avoiding getting boring.

  1. Full-screen videos (9:16) have a 91% lift in conversion

What you definitely need to avoid on TikTok is have square or horizontal format videos. Nothing says “I’m an outsider” more than posting square footage.Having any other format than full screen means there will be black spaces; and that just doesn’t feel native to the platform.

  1. Videos with 720p resolution or above have a 310% lift in conversion

No need for further explanation here.. In 2022 all videos posted from business accounts should be good quality, 720p or more!

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Hack in the ad creatives space with user-generated content.

On TikTok you have two types of ads: branded ads & spark ads.

Branded ads perform well to some degree. Good conversion rates, good click-through rates, good overall results.

Spark ads on the other hand are generally user-generated content. It refers to content generated by people, instead of businesses, or big influencers. From our experience, these ads perform way better than branded ads.

Why? Because they feel native, non-intrusive, transparent, and trustworthy to the users that see your ads.

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The big difference between the two types of ads lies in the look and feel of the ad creative. If you’re interested in branded ads you should be asking yourself: “Where can I hire people that have a good experience with TikTok content?”

On the other hand, if you’re going for spark ads you should be asking: “Where can I find good content creators to outsource the video creation process for our brand?”

Win-win for everybody

There are multiple benefits to running Spark ads instead of Branded ads. First and foremost, it offers the content creator the opportunity to reach more people, because with Spark ads you’re basically running the ads from the creator’s page, not your ads account.

That means that all the interactions on the ad are run through the creator’s page, leaving him with huge exposure and huge engagement. Secondly, it creates an extra layer of trust, as the creator is vouching for the quality of the brand that it’s promoting.Last but not least, the production process is easier, and the results are significantly improved compared to branded ads.

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Extra tip: Once you find content creators that deliver the desired outcome and the ads perform as expected, stay in touch and continue to work with them on a regular basis, because you definitely don’ want to miss that opportunity.

Facebook vs TikTok

Our conclusion after spending 1 year worth of budget on both: What works on Facebook doesn’t work on TikTok. But what works on TikTok really does work on Facebook. TikTok has completely changed the video consumption formula for both organic and paid content.

In other words, TikTok dictates what’s trending and what’s working in the entire social media cluster; and that includes which ad formats perform and which don’t. For example, ads with images or graphics can perform well on Facebook, but they’ll perform poorly on TikTok. 

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