TikTok Replaces "Discover" With "Friends" Tab

TikTok Replaces "Discover" With "Friends" Tab

Back in May of this year, TikTok announced that they were replacing the “Discover” tab with the "Friends" tab.

At the beginning of this feature launch, TikTok said,

As we continue to celebrate community and creativity, we’re bringing a Friends Tab to more people over the coming weeks, which will allow you to easily find and enjoy content from people you’re connected with, so you can choose even more ways to be entertained on TikTok.
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Recently, TikTok has made a number of improvements, many of which are intended to promote a safer and more welcoming environment on the network.

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It would appear that the Friends tab's addition, which makes it simpler to view videos from well-known artists and accounts, is intended to aid in the achievement of this objective.

The main purpose

Users of TikTok can more quickly access videos uploaded by accounts they are familiar with thanks to the Friends tab.

The Friends tab is essentially a network-based area of the app where users may get 'people you may know' suggestions for accounts they might want to follow in the future as well as material from accounts with which they have some connection.

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TechCrunch stated in an article that

TikTok’s decision to move away from a Discover tab is interesting and indicates that it’s looking to offer a new way to recommend content based on your actual friendships.

Because it can become a more significant, interpersonal connective app instead of just showing you the latest trending clips, that could not only make it a more valuable tool for more people, but it will also help TikTok get even more users to sign up, as it looks to expand beyond its first billion members.

TikTok is obviously trying to increase direct engagement in the app and improve friend networks.

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Our thoughts

TikTok's decision to alter is intriguing because the app is known for being built on a content graph rather than a social graph like Instagram. The platform's push for social interaction may mark the start of a lot of improvements in this regard.

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