What Makes an Excellent Ad?
TikTok Ads

What Makes an Excellent Ad?

What is the perfect ad structure formula for your social media advertising campaigns and how to make the most of it for your business?

A successful advertisement is typically rather subjectively defined. Usually, it relies on the ad's objectives, the audience it appeals to, and the outcomes it produces, but most importantly it relies on the structure & output of the video creative.

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What to do

Three parts are often included in a strong commercial: the hook, the body, and the call to action. You can adjust these to match your ad's objectives for a much better result.

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Here are the three components explained:

1. The Hook

You must have a strong hook. The first two seconds of your ad are called the hook, and it may be either vocal, visual, or both. The hook is the most important part of your ad because it will make the potential buyer either watch the full video or scroll away.

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2. The Body

The body is the centerpiece of your advertisement. Essentially, this is where you list all the competitive advantages and features of your product/service. Remember, we mentioned advantages first. The user needs to see what your product or service has to offer in comparison with other similar products before going into features. Your product needs to solve a problem a potential customer may be having. "Can't find the perfect eye makeup shade for your skin tone? Find your shade on our site!"

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3.The CTA

The CTA is an essential piece of the puzzle. The customer needs to have easy access to what you’re offering. According to how your ad is structured and what your ad’s purpose is, you can introduce a strong or more subtle CTA.

If you’re doing influencer marketing, you may want to use a more subtle CTA, so that the ad can maintain its organic feel on the platform.

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Our conclusion

Any social media platform can benefit from this ad structure.
Customers want to feel valued, and establishing a close relationship with them will aid in the growth of your organization.

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