What You Can do to Have Viral Ads on TikTok
TikTok Ads

What You Can do to Have Viral Ads on TikTok

The appropriate campaign can generate extremely high interaction thanks to TikTok ads, which have assisted businesses in leveraging organic virality.

It's crucial to keep in mind that TikTok differs from other social media platforms in that you don't have to be a major brand to become viral. Any brand may do it, regardless of the size of its fan base. What if your advertisement becomes the next thing to go viral?

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What can you do?

There are a few things you can do, but some of them are slightly more significant than others.

1. Start using trends

And we don’t necessarily mean trends like Charli D’Amelio’s dances or Bella Poarch moves. We're referring to trends that are popular and unique to the target market for your brand. Do a quick hashtag search on TikTok, for instance, and look at the format and style of the videos that have the most views. Try to incorporate the exact style for your own videos.

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The trend searching can expand to songs, hashtags, and challenges too!

2. Use the 3 second rule

The algorithm will always show a video onto users' "For You" pages as soon as it is shared on TikTok, but only for a brief period of time. This is necessary so that the platform can determine whether your video is interesting and relevant for viewers. Watch time and completion rate are the main metrics that TikTok tracks in this instance.

The algorithm will mark your 30-second video as uninteresting or irrelevant, which is not ideal if viewers simply watch a tiny portion of it before scrolling to another one.

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3. Do the ads and content native to the platform

Users won't pause at a video that doesn't seem to belong there. Here is a simple fix. You can use tip number two and replicate the trends in your industry, but you can also build paid advertising with various influencers who have the same target demographic as you.

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In contrast to other social media platforms, TikTok's algorithm favors high-quality material, regardless of the amount of your following. Therefore, if you take these actions, your brand's reach will grow rapidly.

Can someone without followers become popular on TikTok? Yes. Absolutely. Take a shot at becoming viral.

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Our conclusion

What's best? You can use imagination. Originality is key to creating material that goes viral. When TikTok videos capitalize on the platform's fun, they go viral. You are well on your way to going viral if you have a sense of humor, a gripping story, simple advice, or can persuade content creators to do something enjoyable.

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