Which Are The Best Platforms For Video Marketing?
Video Marketing

Which Are The Best Platforms For Video Marketing?

Before you jump into video marketing distribution, you need to understand how important social media marketing is for your business.

In recent years, social media has become a wonderful tool for people to express themselves and communicate with others indirectly, through likes, shares, or directly through messages.

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The total number of social media users worldwide as of January 2022 is over 3.96 billion.
A study shows that the typical person switches between seven distinct social media networks per month!

This means seven different chances that one single person shares and appreciates your brand online.
The amount of time people spend across different social media platforms every day has increased and reached a high of 95 minutes per day

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79% of non-video marketers, a whopping 10% more in comparison with last year, say they expect to start using video as a marketing tool in 2022. Still, 13% of non-video marketers say they don’t use video for marketing as they don’t feel it’s needed.

What should you know?

Every social media platform is a great way to market your business. The key thing is to know where and how to sell your products and services according to your audience and your video marketing strategy. What you have in mind for LinkedIn will probably not work on TikTok or Instagram and the other way around.

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With TikTok in front, users still enjoy scrolling through other social media platforms as well. Let’s look at some recent social media statistics and at what people expect to see on each platform.

1. TikTok

As the fastest-growing social media platform, with a remarkable 105% user growth rate in the US only over the past two years, TikTok has completely changed from "What on earth is this?" to a must-have social media platform for all businesses. The platform’s rapid growth, high usage, and plenty of free tools are great news for early adopters.

Small and large companies can make use of TikTok’s specific tools created for business accounts, such as TikTok Ads Manager and Creative Center.

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TikTok's top stats

  • TikTok experienced an increase in planned new platform investment for brands of 84% in 2022 compared to YouTube's and Instagram's increases of 66% and 64%, respectively.
  • The highest engagement rates (17.9%) on TikTok are seen by micro-influencers (with less than 5k followers) compared to 13.48% for macro-influencers with up to 1 million followers.
  • According to 39% of Gen Z shoppers, what they see on TikTok directly influences their shopping decisions.

What are users expecting to see?

Users like to feel like businesses aren’t trying to sell them products all the time. They are expecting to see organic feel-like videos from your business. Like hot challenges, tips and guides on how to use your products, video responses to their questions, etc.

For short, value and compact information in the most organic way possible.

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2. Instagram

At the beginning of the year, the networking platform had quietly passed the 2 billion user threshold, but businesses are still fighting for more Instagram followers. In the past few years, as TikTok’s exposure has continually grown all over the globe, Instagram has lost some of its followers as they preferred spending more time on TikTok. However, very high engagement rates, recent e-commerce features, and significant ad investment indicate that Instagram's future is still promising.

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Instagram’s top stats

  • Regarding engagement, Instagram rules social streaming platforms. Compared to Facebook’s 8% engagement, Instagram rules with 81%!
  • Users use Instagram to make weekly product purchases at a rate of 44%. (and 28% of those shopping activities are pre-planned).
  • Influencers continue to choose Instagram Stories (83%) and grid posts (93%) above other content categories.

What are users expecting to see?

Instagram is still one of the best platforms to do influencer marketing on. Your followers enjoy seeing user-generated content on your Instagram, and it is some of the most persuasive stuff you can employ. It demonstrates that you are actively involved in your community, which can increase both your UGC and your reputation. Apart from UGC, use Instagram’s features as much as you can, like Instagram product tags and the Instagram shopping tab

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3. Facebook

Although Facebook is known for being a “boomer” platform, the platform continues to have a huge user base and a strong advertising presence. Most brands still choose to advertise on Facebook or also include the platform in their video marketing campaign strategy.

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Facebook’s top stats

  • The platform that marketers utilize the most globally is still Facebook (93%).
  • Currently, Facebook has around 10 million active marketers.
  • In contrast to Google (28.9%), Amazon (10.3%), and others (35.6%), Facebook accounts for 25% of all digital ad spending in 2020.

What are users expecting to see?

The platform is well known by its users for advertising and the latest news from any domain, so people will expect to see branded content on your business’s Facebook feed and news!

Facebook is a great place to let people know about your restocking, new collection launches and announcements, and also the latest news about your products. But also make sure to set up a shop on your page; people love to shop online!

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4. Pinterest

Pinterest is used by people for a range of purposes, including project planning, idea saving, and product discovery. In essence, Pinterest serves as a source of inspiration for users. The platform has one of the most devoted and active user bases of any network thanks to its varied, high-spending user base.

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Pinterest’s top stats

  • 7 out of 10 users of the network claim to use Pinterest as their primary source for finding trustworthy goods and services.
  • Compared to non-Pinterest users, Pinterest users are 40% more likely to say they love buying.
  • On Pinterest, 80% of daily pinners have found a new brand or product.

What are users expecting to see?

The number one reason why people go to Pinterest is for inspiration. They are interested in discovering and exchanging innovative solutions, which means that they are more willing to research a new company, idea, or product. So, help users feel inspired by your content. Promoted pins are a great and effective way for brands to reach out to potential customers in a natural way for the platform’s users. eCommerce brands, online stores, and B2C brands may have a higher rate of success on this platform.

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5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn has done an excellent job of establishing itself as the preferred professional network. The platform has enormous potential for B2B brands, and the quick expansion of its ad platform speaks for itself. If you work in B2B, now is the moment to advance your LinkedIn marketing.

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LinkedIn’s top stats

  • Recently, LinkedIn ad revenue reached $1 billion in 2021, increasing by 37%, while organic session engagement increased by a record 22%.
  • In their 2022 video marketing strategies, 68% of marketers intend to use LinkedIn.
  • The daily usage rate for LinkedIn is 16.2%.

What are users expecting to see?

In this case, the users are other brands, and brands focus on performance, optimization, and other services that would help them improve their products or services. Users will expect to see solutions to their problems, performance reports from your company, why they should contact you, how your service would help their brands, study cases, etc.

Have a service that helps businesses with what they’re struggling with? Show it! Awards your service won? Show them! The key is to promote your service as much as you can without being pushy.

If a brand sees that your service helped 9 out of 10 businesses increase their ROI and your company won an award for it, they might consider your service even if their current ROI is decent.

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Our conclusion

These days, social media marketing is essential. To make it simpler for customers to find you online, your company should surely have a social media presence on the majority of the platforms. The platform you choose to advertise on will have a significant impact on how your business will profit from it. You should carefully consider your platform options in light of your marketing objectives.

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