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Tech product

Generating 40M views in the dev niche

Creative Tim is an ecommerce selling templates and and components for the most popular programming languages in the world. We launched their TikTok channel and with a well-thought strategy that would bring value to developers without pushing for a sale, we have managed to turn TikTok into a true acquisition channel for them.

From just 7 videos
Increase in traffic from social media

Reached 30M views starting from scratch

The online school is a a British curriculum online school who prepare students for an ever-changing world through curiosity-led learning. We launched their TikTok channel that has now grown to over 50k followers and over 1M likes. Their most popular video has gather over 7M views, with another 6 videos reaching the 1M views milestone.

From just 8 videos
47 videos
With over 100k views each